KUMU All-Birch Custom Snare Drums

This series, which established KUMU drums’ reputation, is made entirely to order from 100% Finnish birch. This fine and valuable wood material is responsibly harvested and PEFC/FSC certified. There is an almost limitless color selection and a very wide range of sizes, with depth even customizable to quarter-inch precision.

If desired, the KUMU All-Birch Custom snare drum can also be equipped with wood hoops, available in two models: ClassicWoodHoop and SuperWoodHoop. Wood hoops add “wood” to the sound: warmth and pleasant resonance, with the bonus of a unique rimshot sound and attractive appearance. KUMU wood hoops are individually handcrafted from dense and dura-ble Finnish birch.

Below are various features of the KUMU All-Birch Custom snare drums from which you can choose.

KUMU All-Birch Custom Shells

KUMU Original

The original thin shell that created the concept of the “Kumu sound,” the most popular and widely produced model. Suitable for all types of playing, offering a full and warm sound even when played very softly. Structure: 4-ply, thickness 3.8 mm, plus 3.8 mm inner SoulRing rein-forcement rings.

The most common diameter is 14″, but sizes 10″, 12″, 13″, and 15″ are also available. Depth is freely selectable.


The second most popular shell model, made from six layers of 1 mm thick birch veneers, with four layers oriented vertically and two horizontally. This structure produces a responsive, low-pitched sound that is well-suited for very hard playing.
The most common diameter is 14″, but sizes 10″, 12″, 13″, and 15″ are also available. Depth is freely selectable.

KUMU All-Birch Custom Snare Drum Bearing Edges

The bearing edge’s impact on the drum’s sound and tunability is very important, comparable to the bridge on a guitar or violin. All KUMU All-Birch Custom drums have hand-finished bear-ing edges that are smooth and even, and they are treated with paraffin oil for a perfect finish.

The standard bearing edge is 45 degrees on the inside with a slight rounding on the outside. The edge profile is narrower on smaller drums and wider on larger ones.

You can also choose a 30-degree edge with a sharper peak, or a rounded “full round” edge.

KUMU All-Birch Custom Snare Drum Finishes

  • SatinSound is a satin-matte, durable, and luxurious oil-wax finish.
  • GlossTone is a mirror-gloss polished lacquer finish that enhances the depth of colors. Ten layers of lacquer are applied, making it a more labor-intensive and therefore more expensive option compared to SatinSound.
  • Wrap is a classic drum finish, highly durable, with many pattern options available.

KUMU All-Birch Custom Snare Drum Colors

All All-Birch Custom drums are hand-dyed according to the customer’s wishes. You can choose any color, including various shades and gradients. Special colorings and patterns are also possible. You can view different colors in the photo gallery on the website, although it is nearly impossible to create an actual color chart. Many color samples are available to see in the Kumu drums showroom.

All Birch Custom colors

KUMU All-Birch Custom Snare Drum Lugs

Lugs are what distinguish a drum! The unique lugs on Kumu drums are made of solid chrome-plated steel and have a very small “footprint” to allow the shell to resonate as freely as possible.

Over the years, there have been various lug models; currently, two highly stylish options are available: the straight D-lug in chrome, or the same model with a decorative wood insert, which you can choose the color of.

KUMU All-Birch Custom Snare Drum Hoops

  • The most common is the Steel Powerhoop, a 2.3 mm steel hoop that is a reliable all-around choice. It provides a lively, clear sound and precise tunability.
  • KUMU ClassicWoodHoop is a traditional, thinner wooden hoop with claw hooks, best in medium and low tunings.
  • KUMU SuperWoodHoop is a thicker wooden hoop model with through-bolts. It works in all tunings and offers a great rimshot sound.