KUMU Drum Sets

KUMU All Birch Custom

This is the series that built Kumu drums’ reputation, and as the name says all drums are custom made of 100% Finnish birch in Turenki, to the customer’s requests. The shell options offer a suitable model for every kind of player and playing style, from the lightest touch to the heaviest pounding. There is a virtually limitless choice of colors and the largest selection of sizes on the market, even the depth can be chosen, for example, to a quarter inch.

All Birch Custom drums are also available with wood hoops, there are two models, ClassicWoodHoop and SuperWoodHoop. Wood hoops bring more ”woody” character to the sound: warmth, nice resonance, plus one-of-a-kind rimshots and rimclicks, as well as awesome looks. KUMU wood hoops are made one at a time, of dense and durable Finnish birch.

Here are the various features for KUMU All Birch Custom drums, to help in choosing the most suitable ones for yourself.

All Birch Custom shells


The original thin drum shell, which created the concept of ”Kumu sound.” Fits any style of playing, full, warm sound even in softer playing. Tom shells are 4 ply / 3.8 mm, with thin 1.8 mm SoulRing reinforcement bands on the inside. Bass drums are 5 ply / 5 mm + SoulRings. Outer ply horizontal grain, inner ply vertical.


A medium-thick all-around tom shell (6 ply / 6 mm), great attack and clear sound. Outer ply horizontal grain, inner ply vertical.


The newest All Birch Custom shell, suitable for snares, toms and bass drums. A strong-sounding all-around shell. Four plies vertical, two horizontal. Outer and inner plies vertical grain.


A medium-thick shell for bass drums (7 ply / 7 mm), great attack and low end. Outer ply horizontal grain, inner ply vertical.


The thickest shell for toms and bass drums (9 ply / 9 mm), suitable for really heavy playing. Outer and inner plies vertical grain.

Kumu 99
Kumu 66
Kumu 77 bass drum

All Birch Custom bearing edges

Bearing edges play a very important role in the sound and tunability of drums. The edges can be compared to, for instance, the bridge on a violin or guitar. All KUMU All Birch Custom edges are finished by hand, flat, true and silky smooth, and finally they are sealed with paraffin oil.

The standard bearing edge is cut to 45 degrees on the inside, with a slightly rounded outside cut. The apex of the edge is narrower on smaller drums and wider on larger ones. A 30 degree edge with a sharper apex is also available, as well as a fully rounded edge.

All Birch Custom finishes

SatinSound is a low-gloss, durable and dignified satin wax finish. GlossTone is a high-gloss lacquer finish, which adds to the depth of the colors. It involves much more work compared to SatinSound, therefore making it a more expensive option. Wrap is the classic drum finish, very durable, and we have lots of colors and patterns to choose from.


All Birch Custom colors

All of the All Birch Custom drums are stained by hand, according to the customer’s requests. The color can be chosen freely, also different kinds of bursts and fades. Special colors and patterns can be done, too. Various coloring options can be viewed in the website galleries, but unfortunately, putting together an actual map of colors is almost impossible. In our showroom here in Turenki you can find a large number of coloring models done on real wood.

Custom colors

All Birch Custom lugs

A drum is recognized by its lugs! The unique Kumu lugs are made of chromed solid steel and attach with a very small ”footprint”, allowing the shell to resonate as freely as possible. Two very stylish options are available: straight D-lug with a wood stripe or D-lug in chrome.

All Birch Custom hoops

SteelPowerHoop is a 2.3 mm steel hoop, the best all-around hoop. Lively, clear sound, with precise tunability. ClassicWoodHoop is a traditional thinner wood hoop with tension claws. SuperWoodHoop is a thicker model with the tension rods going through the hoop.



If desired, All Birch Custom bass drums also come with SideHole, a hole in the side of the drum for miking purposes. This way you can have a solid front head, which adds a lot to the overall sound and looks much better as well!

KUMU Sidehole
KUMU Sidehole


All Birch Custom rack toms come with Kumurim suspension mount that allows the drum to resonate in the best possible way. The side plate stylishly matches the drum’s color. The standard tom mount accepts all L-rod style tom holders, but can also be equipped with different models, according to the customer’s requests.


Mounting the rack toms

All Birch Custom rack toms are usually mounted on a cymbal stand with a clamp or on a separate tom stand. The bass drum sound is a bit better without the weight of the toms. If desired, the bass drum can be equipped with a tom holder, we have our own single and double-tom models. When using one tom, also the traditional way of mounting it on a snare stand works well – you just have to remember not to tighten the snare basket too much, otherwise you’ll choke the drum.

Here are the available diameters for KUMU All Birch Custom drums, depth to be freely chosen, for instance, to a quarter inch:

Original toms: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”

66 toms: 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”

99 toms: 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”

Original bass drums: 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”

77 bass drums: 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”

99 bass drums: 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”

Single tom holder
Double tom holder

KUMU VintageFlat Custom

VintageFlat Custom is a special series, which is at its best at medium and lower tunings. The sound is very warm, round, old-fashioned and tubby, not all-around, by no means. The shells are thin (4 mm), but the bearing edges are really wide and only very gently rounded, which enables a lot of contact between the head and the shell.

Except for the bearing edge and shell options, you can select all the same features as with All Birch Custom drums.

Available diameters for KUMU VintageFlat Custom drums, depth to be freely chosen, for example, to a quarter inch:

Toms: 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”

Bass drums: 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”