Kumu Drums 30th Anniversary – 30 years of building musical instruments!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone! This year marks a special anniversary – I started the business in 1984, so that makes 30 years of building musical instruments. It feels that each year has been better than the previous one, and I hope it’ll stay that way in the future as well. Thank you very […]

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I’ve been thinking of interesting new sounds for a long time, and that’s why I made two different kinds of drum sets in a new way. The dark brown SatinSound kit oozes vintage-style feel in its looks, but the actual surprise is revealed when playing this particular set. No earlier Kumu drum kit sounds like this one. […]

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The next step: Kumus are available with F-lugs

In the summer of 2010 I introduced the Kumu Royale kit featuring the new F-lugs. The set got lots of positive feedback from all over the world so I decided to move forward with the design. Now I can happily announce that these lugs – which some consider the most gorgeous and personal lugs […]

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We proudly present: a fabulously finished snare drum

14″ x 6″, FreeFrame, SuperWoodHoops. An amazing snare drum in Violet and DeepViolet, with a GlossTone finish.

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Kumu Royale, prototype set

As a builder of musical instruments I’ve always been fascinated by f-holes and their various designs on string instruments. Here we have a study of applying the f-hole’s form on acoustic drums, now it is part of the Kumu tuning lugs. The set in question is a prototype and one of a kind as […]

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