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Kumu Royale, prototype set

As a builder of musical instruments I’ve always been fascinated by f-holes and their various designs on string instruments. Here we have a study of applying the f-hole’s form on acoustic drums, now it is part of the Kumu tuning lugs. The set in question is a prototype and one of a kind as […]

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The legendary Dallapé orchestra has been reassembled and because the group is part of the Finnish music history, I decided to make a signature drum set for the band, honoring the traditions. Their drummer Anssi Nykänen has already become a great fan of a 28” bass drum earlier, so it was a a natural […]

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Drum set of the month


This kit is a great example of the finishing possibilities. The customer in question made a wish of a metallic pinkish color, but not lilac. The finish needed to be high-gloss, with glittering sparkles on top of the color, and in addition the wood grain needed to be showing through. The end result is […]

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The Hustler

At times you have let loose a bit, so I carried out an idea I’d had for a long time about “The Hustler” drum set – in the style of the oh-so-horribly-gorgeous drums of the 70s. No bottom heads on the toms, bass drum filled with muffling and other “sound enhancers”, cymbal stand and […]

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25 years of building musical instruments!


2009 is a jubilee year for me and at the same time for Kumu Drums, as I started the company in 1984. Initially, the name was Soitinverstas Kunikunda (Instrument shop Kunikunda), and the first instruments for sale were five-string kanteles (traditional Finnish harps), shaman and frame drums and other percussion instruments. The product selection […]

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