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Kumu Drums 30th Anniversary – 30 vuotta soitinrakentamista!

Hyvää alkanutta vuotta 2014 kaikille! Tämä onkin juhlavuosi, perustin yritykseni 1984, joten nyt tulee täyteen 30 vuotta soitinten rakentamista. Tuntuu, että jokainen vuosi on ollut entistä parempi, toivottavasti näin myös jatkuu. Suuri kiitos kaikille Kumu-asiakkaille!

Toukokuussa lähden ensimmäistä kertaa esittelemään Kumuja Amerikkaan, kohteena Chicago Drum Show 17. & 18. 5. Kyseessä on maailman suurin ja […]

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Kumu Drums 30th Anniversary – 30 years of building musical instruments!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone! This year marks a special anniversary – I started the business in 1984, so that makes 30 years of building musical instruments. It feels that each year has been better than the previous one, and I hope it’ll stay that way in the future as well. Thank you very […]

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I’ve been thinking of interesting new sounds for a long time, and that’s why I made two different kinds of drum sets in a new way. The dark brown SatinSound kit oozes vintage-style feel in its looks, but the actual surprise is revealed when playing this particular set. No earlier Kumu drum kit sounds like this one. […]

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The next step: Kumus are available with F-lugs

In the summer of 2010 I introduced the Kumu Royale kit featuring the new F-lugs. The set got lots of positive feedback from all over the world so I decided to move forward with the design. Now I can happily announce that these lugs – which some consider the most gorgeous and personal lugs […]

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We proudly present: a fabulously finished snare drum

14″ x 6″, FreeFrame, SuperWoodHoops. An amazing snare drum in Violet and DeepViolet, with a GlossTone finish.

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