FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you order a Kumu drum set?

Kumu All Birch Custom and VintageFlat Custom: If you first want to familiarize yourself with the various options, there are always several test sets here in Hämeenlinna. E-mail or phone me and we’ll set up a meeting. If you can’t come over, we can design your set, for instance, by e-mail. When we have your dream drum set figured out, I will tap out an order confirmation and a prepayment invoice, which is 40% of the total price. As soon as we receive the prepayment, your set will be on the production list. The remaining 60% is due when the drums are ready.

Kumu All Maple Limited and All Mahogany Limited drum sets, as well as Chrome Over Brass, Brushed Aluminum and StonEdge snare drums: These drums are usually finished in a week, sometimes even faster. Test drums can be found in Hämeenlinna, orders can be made on the phone or by e-mail.

How long does it take to get the set?

The turnaround time for a new custom set naturally varies a bit, depending on, for example, the number of orders. A more exact time will be given in the order confirmation; in the past few months the turnaround time has been approximately 6 weeks. Not bad for an individual hand-made drum set!

How much does set # xxx cost?

The price pages include prices for different drums, you can do the calculation there. If it feels difficult, I can check the price for you if needed. Just send me an e-mail.

How durable are the wood hoops?

Very durable. For example, a SuperWoodHoop on a snare will easily take rimshots. Naturally, there will be small marks and dents with time but all that is just cosmetic. The hoop has a number of wood plies with vertical grains. You might know that, for example, in a chopping block the grains run vertically, and therefore the wood can take a lot of punishment, and the same applies here, too. Of course, within reason: there are drummers who even break die-cast hoops! But in normal playing, the wood hoops will last for years, on toms “forever”. The lifespan of the top hoop on a snare is mostly affected by how it’s played.

Do you sell wood hoops separately?

The making of wood hoops involves really, really many steps. There is a lot of sawing, gluing, routing, drilling and sanding included. I simply don’t have enough time to make wood hoops for other drums, so I recommend turning to well-equipped music stores. The genuine Kumu wood hoops are only available with Kumu drums.

Do you cut SideHoles for other drums?

See above – SideHoles are only available with Kumus.

Can Kumus be ordered with black or gold-plated metal parts / hardware?

During the years I’ve seen so many worn-out black, gold-plated and powder coated parts that I decided, years ago, to stick with chromed ones. Chroming is very durable and at least ages gracefully, which suits a hand-made top-class instrument. It’s a nice thought that a drum set will be looking good, even in thirty years.

Can I get Kumus with hardware?

The price pages include prices for the so-called shell sets, without any hardware (stands and pedals). Often the customer already has a good set of hardware, but yes, Kumus can be ordered with the stands and pedals of your choice. The basic price includes, in any case, Kumurim suspension for the toms, our own legs for the floor toms, and the bass drums always come with spurs. For the Kumurims you only need a tom holder, for example, a clamp that is mounted on a cymbal stand. You can get them from here as well.

Do Kumus come with drumheads?

Surely! Kumus are always delivered tuned and ready to play with pro-level drumheads, which have been agreed on with the customer. I can give good recommendations for head choices for the style of music being played.

How much do special finishes cost?

Fades and bursts come with no extra charge. Sparkles can be added to the GlossTone finish, which approximately means an extra 10% to the price. A Kumu specialty, the various Lace finishes, also add about 10%. The Lace patterns are done by spraying through real lace, which leaves a “negative” image on the drum’s shell. That’s our own invention! Other patterns and special finishes are priced individually.